Being a bartender is considered to be mainly a job for men. But in the past years, more and more women are attracted by this activity and some of them do it really good. Just like in any other activity, if it is done with passion and pleasure, bartending can be a spectacular show even in the hands of a woman. A couple representative of the fair sex managed to create quite a name in the cocktail bar industry. Let’s meet the top 10 of the most successful and influential women that roam the industry of bartending and cocktails.

Ester Medina Cuesta

Ester, a Spanish native, is on the top of most influential women that ever got to be successful in the cocktail industry. Not only that she managed to get all the skills she needed to be a talented barmaid, but also created a few signature cocktails that revolutionized the cocktail world or cocktail developers and consumers. She had the courage to mix and experiment with a large number of ingredients, her cocktails reaching the pleasure of her customers.

Andrea Montague

The London’s famous barmaid managed, after years of work, to achieve her cocktail bar. Her bar, the Callooh Callay, managed to win, in 2012, the award for the best cocktail menu in the world. A fact like this can tell a great deal about this talented woman, who succeeded in making a breakthrough in this industry.

Julie Reiner

Julie became one of the most respected mixologists in the cocktail industry. The native Hawaiian mixed her fist cocktail at the age of 18 and ever since then she practiced and brought to perfection the art of mixing cocktails. Also, she was among the first that mixed teas into cocktail recipes.

Mimi Lorandova

Having Slovakian roots, Mimi succeeded in being a very well-known barmaid in London and a respected member of the St. Germain ladies bartender club. She prefers Champaign cocktail, in detriment of Martini version. Her years of experience can be seen in the amazing cocktails she prepares for her customers.

Mariena Mercer

Owner of the Chandelier bar, in the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas, the blonde barmaid likes to have a culinary approach on her cocktails. She likes using ingredients bought at the local farmers market, in order to make her fantastic cocktail recipes. Talking about her person, she admits being a big fan of Bourbon.

Sam Fish

A former recruitment consultant, Sam dedicated her entire attention towards mixing up cocktail, at the Mojo bar in Leeds. Her favorite ingredient is Vermouth, and also she is planning an escapade towards New York, in search of even better cocktail experiences.

Franky Marshall

A successful barmaid who won the Tales of the Cocktail Cognac competition, back in 2012. So, it is worthless to say what her favorite ingredient is for preparing amazing cocktails. She had worked for several years in different cocktail bars in London, before settling in the Dead Rabbit bar, New York.

Sarah Mitchell

A former shaker in Sydney, at the Amber Lounge, now she is the general manager of JJ Goodman’s The London Cocktail Club, in England. In this bar, she is specialized in rum mixtures according to the detail of the bar she’s working in. The most appreciated cocktail recipe of the bar is her specialty, due to her extensive years of experience.

Christy Pope

Having over a decade of experience in the cocktail mixing industry, Christy is an annual participant at the Tales of the Cocktail, in New Orleans. Her work at the bar she is performing, the Cuffs and Buttons, represents a source of inspiration for future bartenders. She even conducted training session for hotel personnel, restaurant and bars all over the world.

Emilie Campesato-Mouragne

She had an artistic start, as a bass player in a rock band. But soon, she discovered her passion towards cocktail creation. Now, she makes the most tasteful, and spicy, cocktails using Bourbon, Tequila, and Mezcal, in the Lockhart bar of London.