Co-founder of Mixology Art, Martin Kovar graduated from The Hotel Business School in 2008 with a diploma in Hospitality and Tourism, compounding his learning with various internships and the hospitality Management Course at the Tokyo Hotel Business College.

Martin’s love of travel and passion for experiencing the richness of culture at each of his destinations been fueled by lengthy stints in some of the top bars in all corners of the world, from Las Vegas to London with over 10 countries and countless cities under his belt. In London he further honed his skills and as Bar Manager and Whiskey Sommelier, helped the team at Albannach score the Best Whiskey Award. After dominating the London bar scene (Sketch, Albannach, Savoy, Whiskey Mist) he landed on the sparkling shores of Dubai as part of the hand-picked opening team of Mahiki Dubai, the now undisputed champion of the Dubai nightlife scene, winning Best Ladies night every year since its opening.

Deciding it was time to take a step up in the hospitality world, Martin started working for Tonique Consultancy as a freelance events consultant and beverage trainer, where he stayed as an integral part of the company for a successful and highly productive 2 years. The Mandarin Oriental Shanghai saw his accomplishments and approached him with an offer he couldn’t turn down as their outsource bar consultant and beverage trainer, taking his expertise to several locations in China and the Far East.

After successfully improving the hospitality department of The Mandarin Orient his next move was to Barcelona to freelance throughout the city working as a consultant and project developer for many of the city’s top bars and restaurants (Ocana, Elephant Room, Cafe Berlin). Along with his work helping to set up new bars and restaurants, and to improve already established venues, Martin has worked as a personal bartender for quite a few A-list celebrities such as Jeremy Irons, Jermaine Jackson of the Jackson 5, Sir Patrick Stewart, Ben Kingsley and Prince Harry. He has also had the pleasure of working as a brand ambassador for the most recognizable names in the bar and alcohol industry (ABSOLUT, Belvoir, Schweppes, G.H. Mumm, Glenlivet, San Pellegrino, with extensive work for Bacardi and Chivas). As his reputation grows he is continuously offered freelance consultancy jobs throughout Europe, Asia, and the MENA region and can currently be found in Beirut setting up multiple new bars and restaurants.

Martin pours love and passion into each one of his many projects. His meticulous attention to detail and keen eye for design have given him a renowned reputation for creating bespoke drinks and cocktail menus that are aesthetically edgy while retaining a delicate piquancy that even the most refined palate will appreciate. He has a rare savoir faire, not often found in the bar industry, allowing him to adapt his style according to each event and venue he takes on while still leaving a fingerprint on each project that anyone will recognize as quintessentially “Martin”.


An exhibition of the works of Martin solo


Each projects made with love, take time to see them


Each projects made with love, take time to see them


An important and fun part of the job!