• Ceremony

    Japaniese Tea Ceremony

    All over the world, people enjoy teatime. In Japan, however, taking tea with guests can mean considerably more than a relaxing break to the day. The traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony is a very grand and elaborate affair. The Japanese tea ceremony is more like a sacred ritual than a friendly…

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  • Slaves_Unloading_Ice_in_Cuba_1832

    Story of the “King of the Ice”

    Every one of us enjoys ice drinks during summertime which give us a cool and soothing effect. But have you ever thought how it became possible for you to have these drinks. It was a time when these drinks were not affordable by everyone. These drinks were only in the…

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  • Martini Cocktail

    The Most Inspiring and Influencing Cocktails

    The most inspiring and influencing type of cocktails are listed below: The Supreme cocktail: The Martini The most important cocktail, the Martini, is worth your money. It’s definitely the most representative — just the look of your cocktail glass summons up the impression of Rat Pack and James Bond. Even…

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  • Sotol harvesting by artist Nola Davis

    “Sotol” New Kid on the Block

    Northern Cousin of Tequila- Sotol Sotol is basically known as the northern cousin of commonly known relative of mescal and tequila. The spirit is really a tasty contribution which is made from a plant which is one of the kinds of agave. This is a wild plant and famous with…

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