• Ceremony

    Japaniese Tea Ceremony

    All over the world, people enjoy teatime. In Japan, however, taking tea with guests can mean considerably more than a relaxing break to the day. The traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony is a very grand and elaborate affair. The Japanese tea ceremony is more like a sacred ritual than a friendly…

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  • Slaves_Unloading_Ice_in_Cuba_1832

    Story of the “King of the Ice”

    Every one of us enjoys ice drinks during summertime which give us a cool and soothing effect. But have you ever thought how it became possible for you to have these drinks. It was a time when these drinks were not affordable by everyone. These drinks were only in the…

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  • Martini Cocktail

    The Most Inspiring and Influencing Cocktails

    The most inspiring and influencing type of cocktails are listed below: The Supreme cocktail: The Martini The most important cocktail, the Martini, is worth your money. It’s definitely the most representative — just the look of your cocktail glass summons up the impression of Rat Pack and James Bond. Even…

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  • Sotol harvesting by artist Nola Davis

    “Sotol” New Kid on the Block

    Northern Cousin of Tequila- Sotol Sotol is basically known as the northern cousin of commonly known relative of mescal and tequila. The spirit is really a tasty contribution which is made from a plant which is one of the kinds of agave. This is a wild plant and famous with…

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  • MixologyArtbyMartinBohm10

    “Absinthe” the Queen of poisons

    There are different versions of story on the Absinthe existence. Historians have different views on the subject; most assume that the Absinthe was found in 1792 in Couvet-Switzerland– not far away from French border – exact same place where Henriod sisters made medications for common people. The most used remedy…

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  • Top-10-most-influential-woman-in-cocktail-bar-industry

    Top 10 most influential woman in cocktail bar industry

    Being a bartender is considered to be mainly a job for men. But in the past years, more and more women are attracted by this activity and some of them do it really good. Just like in any other activity, if it is done with passion and pleasure, bartending can…

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  • Italian-wine-making

    Italian wine making

    Every year it is very common for Italian wine to be at the top of the pile when it comes to good ranking, not the least of which ranks it as the biggest producer, exporter and consumer of wine in the world. If you consider that Italy is only a…

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  • History-of-tea

    The History of Tea

    The history of tea is really quite fascinating. There are many myths that surround the creation of tea. One such popular myth is from a Chinese legend stating that tea was discovered in 2737 BC when Chinese emperor Chen Nung accidentally dropped the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. Not…

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